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Resources for Owners

We've got tons of resources to help laundry owners improve and grow their businesses. Choose from the items below to get started. 

Buyers Guide

Search for a distributor or manufacturer and filter by state, service or product.

CLA Insurance

Exclusive CLA member benefit! Get coverage for your laundry from someone who understands your business.

Surveys & Reports

We've been collecting surveys on the coin laundry industry for almost 20 years. Take a look at some of the reports available to members.

Marketing Tools

Start marketing your laundry business! The most successful laundry owners use marketing to get people in the door. Take advantage of some of our free and low-cost marketing tools.


FindaLaundry is a laundry locator exclusively for CLA members - it's the number one laundry locator on Google and lists only member locations. Get listed!

Sell Your Store

We hate to see you leave the industry, but let us help you make a smart business decision. Access tools and discounts that will help you sell your store for top dollar. Looking to buy a location? See Laundries for Sale

Owner Toolkit

Access all CLA resources for laundry owners from one quick search. Save time. Start learning.