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  • Thanks Cary. I definitely could see that being a concern. We currently have step stools at one of my stores that customers frequently use to reach the soap dishes located on the tops of some tall machines. Those stools are in heavy rotation on busy days. ...

  • I would like to suggest you a tankless water heater named Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus Electric Tankless Water Heater . It got a digital temperature display and can provide constant water temperature. It also features low working noise and endless hot ...

  • I am confused that what should i use a scent and a deodorant. I have used many scents for years but now think should switch to deodorant like Mitchum Deodorant. I found it at and it is something ...

  • You don't need contracts unless you are either supplying the linens/garments/coveralls/sheets etc...or planning on selling the contract business in the future. Smart commercial laundry owners always have contracts since that's what the national linen ...

  • Josh, I just emailed you a pdf at your website's email.  There are others more familiar specifically with the W185 & Gen5s in general than me though.  I am more familiar with Gen4s ------------------------------ MICHAEL WALSH King Koin ...


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