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  • Rob...when you asked if the volume would make up for the low price it brought back memories of when I was visiting coin laundries in New Jersey in 1984 learning about the business before I opened my first store.  An old guy was telling me about his drop-off ...

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  • Does anyone know where I can buy barrel terminals that i can use to connect the validator? Also what size is it? The wire connected to one of the terminal broke and it's a pain to open the original one. thanks all. ------------------------------ Fernando ...

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    RE: Business accounts

    Rick is right on the money.  Contribution margin is a concept every business owner should embrace.  Hotels, airlines, you name it, have understood this for a long time.  The one comment I'll make is that you need to maintain some level of what I'll call ...


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    RE: Petty theft

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    I have some space in my laundromat to add an additional service in my laundromat. I already have a soap ...

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