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  • This is from the manual, it doesn't shed much light on this, if it was a diode failure, it wouldn't reset.   Seems more like a wonky power supply, curious if anyone has had this before. Or, the scary "incorrect change load".  Maybe it's a bucket?   ...

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    Rowe Power issue?

    New here, hope someone can help. Every couple of weeks, I get a "BUCKET PWR FLT" message on my old Rowe bill changer.  Turning power on and off does nothing, but hitting the "function error reset" button resets it and it works fine after. It's a workhorse ...

  • Larry A.,      What a great discourse on utility costs including your section on fixed versus variable expenses. Yes, as volume goes up utility percentages go down on fixed utility costs.      In SoCal, I've found the most expensive expense are rent, ...

  • Broken shocks? I should have been more clear. This is a hard mount machine. ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ------------------------------

  • In NJ its now mandatory for all businesses to give PTO. 1 hour for every 30 hrs worked up to 40 hours per year. Accumulates till the end of the year then bonus paid for PTO not used. My employees usually like the end of the year bonus. ------------------------------ ...


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