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    Ball Valves

    My latest effort to improve my business bottom line and to improve my plumbing has been going into work at 9:00 PM after the last wash to start replacing all of the hose bibs with the more reliable and long lasting ball valve style bib. Last evening I ...

  • That is nothing. Try an over lay for a 100 LB machine at $400.00. ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ------------------------------

  • Needed to replace a SQ dryer overlay and it was $75 from PWS, FOR A PIECE OF PLASTIC!  Come on Alliance, who are you kidding?  Found a generic of the same quality on Ebay for $7.  And it's in color.  Sometimes it's worth it to buy genuine parts, but $75 ...

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  • Larry, I did ask the local plumbers what they thought. They could not recommend anything! ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ------------------------------

  • By spinning do you mean agitating (slow) or spin (fast)?  If it's slow:  The machine turns off at the end of the cycle from a signal from the door lock mech switch that proves that the door is locked. When the door unlock solenoid unlocks the door, a ...


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    Airpax Coin Drop

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