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  • Why not get several small lantern RV wind turbines and mount them under your dryer exhaust ducts? ------------------------------ Chris Mallam Norfolk VA ------------------------------

  • Below is a link on a similar discussion.  On post 13 an insurance expert explained a bit about some insurance caveats that 24/7 operators may want to consider. ...

  • Paulie B, Larry A & now Roger O seem to be making a bit of levity about third party solutions.  Didn't these big boys in the below link all play it safe with only gov't approved & straight from the factory solutions!   I would think all these solar panels ...

  • I've never met Paulie B, but reading his posts makes me laugh and think of some of the "improvements" that I performed over the last 34 years that might not have been up to code. (Midnight Plumbing, interior wall relocation, removing a 600 lb washer from ...

  • Eid There are several venders that offer a hybrid payment system that are significantly more cost effective that $700 per machine.  I have used several different options in my stores and none off them are perfect, and some are only barely marginal.  I ...


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