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  • Paulie, I think you hit the nail on the head. Whenever I watch it work the place is not busy. Thus higher water pressure. Yes my pressure does drop on a busy day. Not only me but I drop the pressure to the neighborhood. My closest neighbor has reminded ...

  • Linh, Continental has the right idea, imo. I think that all the manufacturers should at least make it an option for you to program hot, cold or warm water into the softener compartments. If it were me, I'd choose hot, or at least warm water to flush ...

  • I am not sure what the competition is like in your market.  If the $1.00 wash is a great price promotion so folks can see your operation in action, then carving out a particular group might detract other groups from attending...or even detract singles ...

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  • Continental washer shot hot water into fabric softener compartment , never have a problem with  it , always clean . Just an idea . ------------------------------ Linh Nguyen Linh Nguyen Person Mobile AL ------------------------------

  • Deward, I accept cash and card, my machines accept coins and my ATM's accept cards. I have no desire to go cashless at the moment and if I did, my machines would have to be touchless transactions (no swiping), no chargebacks, and a VERY small percentage ...

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