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  • Bob, I relaced my top loaders with 20 lb. Huebsch hard mount washers - the top of the line model.  This 6 speed washer extracts at 200g AND the computer offers tons of programming flexibility.   If you set these up for Ecycles, you only need to buy 2 ...

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    RE: Huebsch dryers

    Kent, With the original filler in place, I cannot imagine that you could fit an additional filler on top of it. We rebuilt one of my dryers just yesterday. We installed a new belt, rollers, main shaft, main bearing, rear seal and filler as well as cleaned ...

  • I am curious about other "self serve" businesses nearby too, like Anytime gym, or nearby automated car wash or self storage. And convenience store that sells food and laundry supplies seems like a no brainer for the dual attendant/clerk aspects too. Other ...

  • Get the factory manuals and set the two rinse cycles to lowest water use. Set the wash cycle to medium water use. Post a sign telling customers to avoid starting all machines st the same time. Try to teach your multiple machine users to "Load, Close, ...

  • What is a good replacement for a Yugo? You answered your own question. You need a real front loader. ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ------------------------------


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