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  • Larry A, Thanks ... this should be very worthwhile info ... especially for those who chose those specific two styles of Munzprufers.  Also it holds up possibly a reasonably high standard for  other brands & budding other new coin mechs & payment devices.  ...

  • .    Don't assume the water machine is non-functioning because the owner is lazy. Maybe it's too costly to repair. Reverse osmosis water machines use a lot of water during the back washing cycle. I believe the number is in the range of three to seven ...

  • I would agree with Deward.  I had those exact Dexter / SQ washers that were a fair match for the Eveready Bunny.  I removed mine after 25 years of use while the main tub bearings were still solid.  In addition to Deward's reasons for replacing, I was ...

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    Chicagoland meet up

    Illinois Laundry Owners Get-together As most of you know, the Illinois Coin Laundry Association no longer exists.  The Board of Directors along with the membership have decided to accept the National CLA's request to merge into one organization instead ...

  • Yes sir I am aware...most states call them counties.  In Louisiana where I have been working on  are calledassignment lately, they are called parishes. Laundromats are more commonly known as washaterias or wash houses.  Interesting how things are are ...


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