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    RE: Dryers cleaning

    Joe, i never had had even one centrifugal switch get clogged with lint, and I've used this method over 10 years. How often did you clean them? Are you using 120psi?  I suspect that if you let the motors buildup huge clumps of lint, that could happen. ...

  • Larry is exactly right. I've had both single and stack dryers....even in the extremely high rent situation of NYC. (try $10,000+/month for a 2,000 sq ft store). Customers favor single dryers by far. Much easier access for all size people, less crowding ...

  • Steve, I don't think Larry meant that they are new. They are only available on single pocket dryers and as far back as I can remember, always have been. ------------------------------ Thomas Bright Owner Bright's Coin Wash Marengo Illinois --------- ...

  • Larry V. Great job you are leading all of us!  I noticed on your add you posted that you do dry cleaning, wdf, & reg walk in card laundry.  We would surmise that could be why your $ per S/F are at high levels. Do you pick up and delivery? ------------------------------ ...

  • I googled a coin collecting forum and it sounds like they are plated.  Certainly not from the mint, and not struck on the wrong planchet since silver colored pIanchets don't exist for that size.  I have found several proof quarters in my coin boxes, meaning ...


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