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    RE: Shared meter

    Maria,      Get the water district/department out to verify your problem. A two inch water line should be more than adequate to service most normal sized Laundromats. A recent pressure drop does not necessitate a tank a pump solution. The water people ...

  • Hi Mike, Like others commented, there are lots of other threads on this and there are ton of variables involved.  Understanding that, here are my thoughts on your direct questions...1) 10 year old laundromat, I'd say between 4 and 7 time EBDITA is a ...

  • Crazy story is when a guy opened his washer & a Pistol fell out.​ Nothing better than a collection on a Very Cold Week with full coin boxes. ------------------------------ Mike B Multi Store Owner Sunny Palm Harbor Florida -------------------------- ...

  • You might have some luck with the used commercial truck market.  Used truck prices can be ridiculously high.  But if you get lucky you might be able to find a box truck, former Uhaul, or even shuttle bus that is built on a heavy duty truck frame.  All ...

  • Do you have a shock sensor alarm on the machine? ------------------------------ Jared Maklin Jared Maklin Person Toronto ON ------------------------------


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