• 1.  Laundry Locker business

    Posted 12-10-2018 20:54
    I have a Laundry Lockers business that I run in Colorado. Things have changed and I'm looking to close. I can sell the setup to another party. If you've looked into this opportunity but didn't pull the trigger because of the startup costs I may have the deal for you.
      Contact me for more info. I have 20-25 lockers all new and still in box. I have the app and paid software to operate the business. You just need to redo the locations etc on the website. I believe the Laundry Lockers folks will assist for a nominal fee. Price is completely negotiable. But to buy new is $10k plus fees and purchase lockers at $550 or so each.  Thanks!

    Craig Peterson
    Frisco Wash Tub
    Clear Creek Laundry
    Frisco, Colorado
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