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E17 Codes on Wascomat Dryer TD30X30

  • 1.  E17 Codes on Wascomat Dryer TD30X30

    Posted 02-07-2019 09:12
    Good morning!
    How I can solve this problem? I am getting E17 codes on WASCOMAT DRYER TD30X30 brand. Not both of them it is happening one of them. Either top or bottom on.Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks
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  • 2.  RE: E17 Codes on Wascomat Dryer TD30X30

    Posted 02-08-2019 01:15
    This is usually a problem with the ignition control.  That's the black box that controls the electrode (thing that sparks).  If working properly, it should spark for a second or two, the burner should ignite, and the spark should stop.  It also has a sensor which turns off the gas control if it doesn't sense a flame.  You need to remove the back panels to access the ignition control.  Usually it's an issue with a loose connector or wire or the ignition control needs to be replaced.  First, I'd make sure all the connections are good and clean.  Over time they oxidize and build up carbon deposit.  Try that first and see if it works.  If the problem persists, I'd swap out the ignition control from a different, working machine and see if that works.  They are pretty expensive $250-$300 so I'd want to make sure that's really the problem before you buy a new one.    If this still doesn't work, I'd swap out the computer boards in the front (the ones by the coin drop).  I've experienced buggy things with these dryers, sent the boards in for repair, and the buggy issue went away.   When these dryers work well, they are awesome.  But they get these buggy errors which are hard to diagnose and fix relative to other dryers.  Good luck.

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