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Any residential property managers or maintenance technicians here?

  • 1.  Any residential property managers or maintenance technicians here?

    Posted 08-10-2019 22:30
    Is anyone here a multi-family property manager with shared laundry facilities? I would like to learn about your set ups and how you manage and maintain them.

    What make and model, and how many machines do you provide? How many units does your property have?

    Do you use coin-operated machines or smart/card payment systems?

    Do the same people who do maintenance at your property also maintain your laundry equipment?

    Do you self-manage your laundry, aka provide and repair your own machines, or do you use a supplier that provides machines and maintenance, but take a portion of coin revenue as payment?

    Any pain points?


    Lukas Karenan
    Seattle WA
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  • 2.  RE: Any residential property managers or maintenance technicians here?

    Posted 08-11-2019 11:54
    I will caveat my comments by saying I don't manage any routes, but I've looked into this before and know several people who do or have done this...

    My favorite is the Econ-O-Wash made by Alliance.  It's a no-frills top-loader that's been in service for a long time.  Machines per unit depends on the building.   More younger families, 1 washer per 10 units is about right.  Senior citizens or older singles, 1 per 25-30.

    Type of payment depends on demographic.  Lower economic or older demographic, coin is your best bet.  Card or App based for younger populations

    The building maintenance folks won't have anything to do with repairing machines.  Typically, repair and maintenance is your responsibility and you'll need to have the expertise yourself or pay somebody to do it.

    If you simply act as a middle-man, the supplier will eventually by-pass you and cut you out.  That means you need to buy and service the machines yourself if you want to make this work.

    Years ago, Multi-Family building laundries were run by individuals who either had relationships with apartment building owners or knew how to bid for them and service them.  They bought machines, serviced them, replaced them when when needed.  Those days are largely over, at least where I'm at.  Most routes are run by distributors or entities that partner with distributors.  They have a big advantage over small operators...They can buy equipment and parts at dealer cost and they usually have trained service techs. That's hard for a small operator to compete with.  Yes  you can give better services, etc...but it's just a hard mountain to climb.   It's possible but it's not easy.

    Paul Kludt
    Multi Store Owner
    Lake Worth Coin Laundry
    West Palm Beach, FL

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