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New Systems Are Up... Working on Refinement

  • 1.  New Systems Are Up... Working on Refinement

    Posted 02-06-2019 15:02

    Hello, CLA Connect Open Forum Community Members,

    We at the Coin Laundry Association want to thank you for your patience as we bring our new systems online. No doubt you've noticed that we have a couple of new websites at and at

    We also have a new eStore and a new Events component to our web presence.

    You've also probably noticed that things are acting strangely with the CLA Connect Open Forum. You've had to reset your password to get in, for instance. That's because we're on a new Salesforce-based system to handle your login, membership, and purchase information. Once you've created your new password, you'll be in the system.

    You'll also notice that some of the links throughout the forum/old website aren't quite right. We're working on remedies to that right now. Also, we are working on our ability to control the Open Forum community again so, if you have a post which may have been flagged by the automatic moderation system, we haven't been able to get to that yet. However, we'll review all moderated posts ASAP.

    Finally, there are a few members-only areas which we're completing. These will be done very soon too.

    So, we just ask that you stick with us as we complete some of the details of our new systems. If you have any questions, contact us.


    Rich CRUZ
    Director of Marketing and Online Development
    Coin Laundry Association
    LaundryCares Foundation
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