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Std32dg finding parts

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  • 1.  Std32dg finding parts

    Posted 08-07-2019 01:04
    Does anyone know why they quit making cylinder drums for the STG 32DG my dryer is aren't that old and I need a new cylinder.Do I have to purchase new dryers They are not that old.

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  • 2.  RE: Std32dg finding parts

    Posted 08-08-2019 11:13
    Hello Richard,
    I am replacing a lot of my st32dg's because i found a great deal on newer ones.  If that is the case, I'll have 12 ST32dg's in great operation I will have for parts for you.  If the deal goes through I will let you know

    Reguarding parts, it seems to me that after so many years they just stop making them.  That's why so many of my computer parts need to be refurbished because new simply isn't available or it's a joke expensive

    Northville MI

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  • 3.  RE: Std32dg finding parts

    Posted 08-08-2019 11:39
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  • 4.  RE: Std32dg finding parts

    Posted 08-08-2019 11:45
    They quite making the std32dg drums about 5 years ago. Your only option is to find a used one. I went thru this a couple of years ago. I ended up finding a used one out of California from a placed that deals in used machines and parts.

    Jared Friesen
    Wash & Dry
    American Fls ID

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  • 5.  RE: Std32dg finding parts

    Posted 08-08-2019 16:08
    std32dg dryers ceased production around 1997 that would make them around 22 years old at best. There are still many in use but you may have to settle for used parts. i have 5 or 6 motors if you need any.

    Citrus Wash and Dry, LLC
    Brooksville FL

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  • 6.  RE: Std32dg finding parts
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    Posted 08-08-2019 19:47

    Anytime you want to find a part for an older machine, this forum is not the best choice to find a solution. From my observations, few parts managers seem to be regular contributors to this forum.

    To find your dryer basket, get a list of the Dexter current and former distributors from CLA or American Coin-Op and call them all on the phone. Despite the many benefits of Google search and the knowledge found on a website search, these sources have a limited insight in the the dusty parts stock sitting on a high shelf in the back room of all the Dexter distributors.

    I still have some Cissell dryer parts, Bock extractor parts, Gold Medal soap machine parts and Dexter WCA20 washer parts in my parts room. Without a phone call. there is no way anyone would know I have some WCA20 coin boxes in stock. (I don't have your part, by the way.)

    Once you've exhausted this search, call the used equipment dealers. They often have parts, like your dryer drum tucked away somewhere.

    Finally, is it possible to repair your basket? Does it need a patch that an experienced welder can repair? Tears in the basket are the most common reason a basket needs replacing. Good luck In your search.

    Larry Larsen
    Anaheim, CA
    Distributor - Insurance - Consulting
    Cell: (714) 390-9969

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