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A Perfect Introduction to the Reflective Writing Essay

Reflective writing is one of the most common essays teachers assign their students. It not only tests their writing ability but helps them reflect upon their past. There is no one way to write reflective writing. This essay uses analytical writing in a combination with descriptive writing, It describes the past, analyses your actions and experiences, and lets you decide what the correct action could have been. 

Unlike other academic essays, a write my essay service can only help with the editing process. You will have to reflect on your past and experience and produce an essay on your own.

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Reflective essays can be given to middle school students as well as college students. It helps develop in the pupil the important habit of reflecting upon their actions and learning from it. These essays help the essay writer understand more about himself/herself and helps grow character.

Even though there is not any fixed structure for this type of essay, there are some guidelines that might help us structure and write a reflective essay.

What is a reflective essay?

The reflective essay allows the writer to talk about an experience that has a lasting personal effect. When you talk about an experience, you are encouraged to describe the full range of emotions, how it made you feel, what you remember the most, etc. You will then move from the descriptive to the analytical part diving into why the event happened. You are encouraged to give your theories and give opinions about the event or time. Many speech topics can also be find online on reflective essay.

The use of first-person voice is encouraged while you discuss your experiences, and criticize your decisions or actions. You will support your actions and experiences with evidence and supporting information that can come as recalling the time and its events.

Reflective thinking

Just as you brainstorm the ideas and subjects in other academic essays, in this essay you will meditate on the even that you want to talk about. You should try to strip down the event into various parts and analyze it not only from your perspective but from others as well.

You should then think about what you could have done differently and what the implications would have been. Make sure to address why the event happened and what you learned from it.

The important part of reflective writing is realizing the mistakes and shortfalls upon reflection and making sure that in the future the outcome will be different and that you will cater to the problem in the right way.

Structure of a reflective essay?

Reflective writing works best when not hindered by a structure, such as the traditional essay structure. The reflections should come off as an entry in a diary or a journal. 

However, in most of the reflective essays the common theme that arises is this:


Here the experience of the event is introduced to the subject, without going into too much detail. 

Description of the problems faced

The problem or the experience you had will be fully described here. You are encouraged to describe your emotions and the conditions prevalent at the time. Try to bring forth your best creative writing to paint the picture of yourself and your story. If you want any to do my homework please contact writing service online.


The causality phase will make use of little description, as more emphasis will be on analytics and understanding the causes and the effects of the event or subject. 

Outcome and resolution

The outcome of the experience should be a positive resolve. You should demonstrate your understanding of the topic, what you have learned, and how you plan to move forward. 


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