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  • Hey Liz, any luck? I emailed that place in Malaysia and looked promising . They replied right away . Emailed back asking how payment works and shipping info and never heard back .. by their videos, looks legit. I have more problems on my dryers versus ...

  • The best analysis is to know what your customers want. This is a business where you can loose your shirt, shoes, car, house, investments Etc. and that is just for starters. I am not joking! Who will be using that facility? What do they do for a living? ...

  • Hi Curt, Thanks for the feedback! As you mentioned, Regarding the 'equipment mix of machines' scenario, what is the best analysis approach/methodology when reviewing laundromats for sales? (Is it safe to say that regional/area demographic report would ...

  • The point has been made rather well about what you are looking to do with that business. So I am approaching this from a different point of view. I have had conversations with my competition and in fact told him "We have two entirely different business ...

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Update Your Laundromat – Enhance Customer Perception

Update Your Laundromat – Enhance Customer Perception

Equipment Replacement Can Create an Ideal Opportunity to Upgrade Technology and Refresh Store Aesthetics

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