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  • Liz brought up a good point. This business is not an investment. No way shape or form. You are buying a job. Not a bad job but a real job. The first two years WILL be a real learning curve. If you can survive that it is downhill from there. Not without ...

  • Hi Tricia, I bought my first laundromat about 2 1/2 years ago. I was as green as anyone, but the business teaches you things pretty fast. After owning it a couple of months, I knew I wanted to replace the equipment. I didn't do any leg work and went with ...

  • Good Morning! Thank you everyone for your responses! To say that you have provided me with a wealth of valuable information is an understatement. In addition to the solid advice, I feel that you're all wanting to protect my investment to prevent any ...

  • In my town it is not uncommon for a crime report to be replaced by a incident report. Therefore not showing up as reported crime. ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ------------------------------

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Download this guide to learn about the growing commercial market and how to start, manage, & grow these services at your laundromat

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    Wascomat 35 lb dryers

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