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  • Charlie, I am not familiar with SQ but I am assuming there are 2 electrical leads on whatever solenoid.. You check between the 2 terminals or specific wires coming out of the solenoid. Whether DC or AC it still needs to be in the proper range IMO. ...

  • How do I check the voltage on the solenoid? ------------------------------ Charlie Clean Clear Clean Laundromat Brooklyn NY ------------------------------

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    RE: City Water Rates

    Amy, Utilities are often forced by the EPA to replace their sub-standard plants with new, state of the art plants. This has been happening since the 1970s. These utilities fund these very costly construction projects by selling municipal bonds. These ...

  • Charlie Clean, Just to add to what Curt said about "stray impedance or resistance". If it was mine I would use a multimeter & check voltage while the solenoid is supposed to be engaged during your sequence check. If there is voltage out of the proper ...

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