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  • I would call Automatic Products customer service or the company that you bought the machine from.  I know that Betson Enterprises offers free phone tech service but you may have to had bought the machine from them. ------------------------------ James ...

  • .    Agreements "not to compete" are used in two basic areas in the Laundromat business. The first is not as popular as the second.      The first involves an agreement signed before hiring a repairman or attendant. It is intended to prevent a competitor ...

  • .    Sign restrictions exist to protect the rights of all the people in your community. Here's why: 1) Signs can be so distracting that they take the eyes of the driver off the road. 2) Moving signs can be extremely distracting. 3) Lighted signs are lighted ...

  • Michael, It's fairly common for cities to have sign control ordinances on their books.  For example, the City of Muskegon limits the size of permanent business signs as well as the lighting and placement of temporary signs.  So I  wouldn't come down ...

  • STD32DG is a Stack dryer with the older red start button for the early model versions, and a touch pad for the late model versions. It has only One Motor for each unit. (Upper & Lower) A drive belt runs between the motor, and the blower pulley, and ...


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    John Bray got his fingers stuck in the roller when he was a child.  His mother panicked and rolled his ...

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